ciNE65 Festival 2019: Film Screenings at The Cathay: Programme Two

ciNE65 Festival 2019: Film Screenings at The Cathay
Date: Wed, 5 Jun
Time: 3pm to 4.15pm
Free admission, please RSVP here for Programme Two. Seating will be on a first-come basis. Please register at the ciNE65 table at LEVEL 6, THE CATHAY.

Join us for a screening of short films curated around the themes of home, community and being Singaporean. The programmes include award-winning local short films and commissioned films from current or earlier ciNE65 editions – a heart-warming selection of films that will delight audiences of all ages.

#12-99 by Jeth Heng / 3 min / Drama / 2017 / PG
A young Chinese immigrant arrives at his company’s apartment only to find a woman already residing there. Scammed and stranded abroad without shelter or resources, the woman opens up her heart and home to the helpless man.

The Red Packet by Sufyan Sam’an / 3 min / Drama / 2017 / PG
“2014 was the year my Maternal Grandma finally met her birth mom. We knew since young that she’s Chinese but raised by a Malay family. We never expected to ever meet or be greeted with open arms by new found Chinese family members; I’m sure my Grandma didn’t at her age of 70. Since celebrating Chinese New Year was something new to us, my little cousins were confused about the festivities and cultures. So when they take their hong baos, they say the usual Hari Raya greetings instead.”

The Flame by K.Rajagopal / 15 min / Drama / 2015 / PG
The Flame revolves around an Indian family, whose men are loyal servants of the British Royal Air Force, as they are faced with a life-changing offer of British citizenship – a reward for their years of service. The anglophone father is determined to follow his colonial masters back to England, while the newly-wed son yearns to stay in Singapore. Their conflict studies the notion of state and identity as the central theme of the short story. This short film was part of the 7 Letters anthology commissioned for SG50.

The Perm by Wee Li Lin / 6 min / Comedy / 2017 / PG
Soft spoken Carolyn, 12, is on the cusp of the awkward teenage years. About to enter secondary school, Carolyn decides to get a trendy Korean hairstyle to kickstart the fact that she is now of age to perm her hair. Carolyn’s grandmother assures her that the best place to get the perm done is at grandma’s long-time hair salon down the block. But is the salon Carolyn grew up in the right place to undertake this important rite of passage?

The Secret Passion of Mdm Tan Ah Lian by Sun Koh / 16 min / Drama / 2014 / PG
Mdm Tan is past her retirement age but stubbornly clings on to her job despite pleas from her husband to retire and stay home. Little does he know, she has been leading a secret life.

BLESS by Victric Thng / 2 min / Drama / 2013 / PG
A woman reminisces her wedding day that happened 47 years ago, a day filled with joy and bliss. The film is set at an old photo studio, where the bride and groom are getting ready to do their wedding photo shoot. Despite feeling nervous and excited, their closest friends and relatives are around wishing them many blessings. Happiness is thick in the air. This day, she remembered, her heart found a home.

Old Kakis by N. Mohamed Yahssir / 2 min / Drama / 2014 / PG
Old Kakis revolves around two old friends who talk about the changes in Singapore since independence. However, as they are conversing about these developments, they realize that one element will never change for the both of them: their ‘Singaporean spirit’.

Singapura by Bertrand Lee / 2 min / Drama / 2014 / PG
The film is set in 2015, in a hypothetical scenario that Singapore finally finds itself at war after 50 years of uninterrupted peace. A young soldier boy’s thoughts are captured, as he is about to charge into battle, towards enemy fire. He goes through a plethora of emotions, from fear, to reminiscence, to realization, and finally, courage in the face of death.

A Needle A Stitch by Lawrence Loh / 3 min / Documentary / 2015 / PG
Based on an interview with an elderly uncle who runs a clothes alteration shop with his wife, this film reflects the lives of this couple, who live by a needle a stitch everyday. It is their bread and butter and their passion. They are an inspiration to many elderly who have lost their direction and do not have something to hold on at the later stages of their lives.

GPS (Grandma Positioning System) by Kelvin Tong / 16 min / Drama / 2015 / PG
A young boy and his family travel to Johor each year during Qing Ming to pay respects to his late grandfather. The boy’s grandmother has the ritual of describing the changes in Singapore to her late husband at every single visit. During one visit, the family’s attitude is changed by the boy’s actions. GPS is one of the seven short films in the 7 Letters anthology produced in 2015 in celebration of SG50.

Homesick by Anthony Chen / 1 min / Drama / 2013 / PG
A simple call from a son abroad. An unspoken missing of family and home.

36 Ways to Say Good Morning by Royston Tan / 3 min / Drama / 2018 / PG
36 Ways to Say Good Morning is a film that showcases the sights and sounds we hear and see daily in Singapore but often take for granted. These range from scenes in the humble homes to shops, from the public transport to the army. The film allows the audience to have a glimpse of the morning experience of Singaporeans from all walks of life, and it allows us to identify and relate to each scenario, and to celebrate the unspoken things that mark our Singapore identity.

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